Poker strategy and main poker steps!

Poker strategy and main poker steps!

Dostoevsky once admitted in his letter that he had never had such an orgasm he had while losing in poker…
In order to begin to learn poker strategy, you should start to explore all the definitions used in the game. So, here are basic poker system concepts:

1. Poker small blind (MB, Small Blind, SB) – a player operates the penultimate pre-flop and the first in the remaining rounds. The same name is given to the bet that the player should automatically make on the flop (equal to half the big blind).

2. Poker big blind (BB, Big Blind, BB) – the player acts last before the flop and the second in the remaining rounds. This name is also given to the bet that the player should automatically make on the flop (equal to the minimum bet on the flop and bet half of the turn and river).

3. Early Position (RP, Early Position, EP) – about the third player also said that he is “under the gun”he makes the first bet on the flop.

4, 5. Early position (RP, Early Position, EP) – sometimes they label as IS2, RP3. If you’re in early position, that is, bet one of the first, you have to play very conservatively. The next poker steps imply the first position when you should make rather large bid to convince the players with “average” hand fold. If the usual, with a good hand, you raise a blind three times, while in early position, you should consider in order to raise five times. If you have a decent combination, such as top pair, you can make a check or make a bet. If you check, you allow other players to see “free card.” Or you can make a large enough stake to reduce the chances of other players. If someone accepts the bet or raise it, you’ll probably have to admit that you lost a check up and play as long as нщг do not have to fold.

6, 7, 8. Average position (SP, Middle Position, MP) – it is also sometimes labeled as SP1, SP2, SP3. Playing in the middle position, you will need to find good players sitting behind you. You must bet enough so they fold before the flop, because they will try to play as many hands if it’s cheap for them. And it is very important to “get rid” of them to be able to control the bidding.