Learn craps history and main craps facts to start the game!

Learn craps history and main craps facts to start the game!

It is difficult to find a country where there had been no different variants of craps game. Ancient Greece, China, India, Rome, Egypt, and so forth – people in all countries are fond of craps facts.

Modern craps rules are radically different from their ancestors. Previously, the craps dice bones were the astragal us, that were made of animal bones were also four-sided dice and a plate with two sides (white and black), in some countries as the bones were used tree nuts (such as in India). There were also teh dice of a pyramidal shape, and some ancient Egyptian dice were the size of a modern tennis ball. Such dice had a lot of faces, and looked like they would rather suit as the balls rather than the modern dice. But over time, all the same dice found their best form – a hexagonal cube with rounded corners, the sum of points on opposite faces is seven.

What made craps so tenacious that helped them go through the time and not lose but rather find its fans? It is very simple: speed gain, speed the pace of play, enthusiasm and a lightning change of luck made a game of dice the most popular in the world. Conventional bricks define winning of the player; it is only required to make the correct bet.

But it is not so simple as we would like it to be. According to the craps history any bone that has a deviation from the right edge, is likely to fall on the same side – because there were sharper. The game is played just with a dice with a specially beveled edges. These dices have shifted the center of gravity, sometimes with the soldered platters in the dice and so on. Dishonest players at all times have been willing to manage the faces of dice and came up with more and more scams.

In addition, authorities of different countries keep putting the craps rules outside the law. For example, in ancient Rome, there was introduced the very first law against gambling – Lex aleatoria. Thus, only public, gladiator and social games were allowed. Craps was banned. Just imagine you were allowed to poke a living person with a spear but not allowed to throw the dice. Fortunately, then the harsh laws were softened – the ban was spread then only on cheating. Today everybody is allowed to play such a wonderful casino game as craps that is the most popular dice game in the world. It is really very hazardous and interesting. Play, bet, and you’ll become really lucky!